Frida Kahlo

Today I had the second installment of the Latin American Summer Art Camp!  As with life…I was semi nervous that people would show up…even though I utilized our library’s reservation system and I had 24 spots filled up… by 10:56 am., not even my own children were here yet.   Thankfully, I saw minivans flying into the parking lot and all was well.  Attendance is a BIG deal in library programs.  I always have my kids as a “standing reservation” of sorts.  There will always be at least TWO kids attending 🙂

Frida Kahlo was the artist of the day!  Coincidentally her birthday fell on July 6th…the art universe telling me I’m on the right track in my efforts.


I started with asking the kids if they knew what a selfie was…hahaha…they thought I was so silly.  Of course they knew what it was!  I proceeded to let them know Frida Kahlo was the Queen of Selfies.  An original selfie gangster of sorts.  I told them a little backstory and how her life, even though painful and semi-miserable, allowed her to create amazing works of art. In a nutshell how she involved herself in art, politics and fought the oppression of her people.  It is really difficult to explain all the intricacies of her life.  But somehow the kids understood just from a few words.

Children used these awesome art chalk Solabela Pastels on black paper.  I explained to them how to use a simple technique to draw a face.  It worked great for some and a few kids just gave it their best effort.

19866670_10102403716909061_994387475_nMy favorite picture was when a kid told me, “You said Frida Kahlo was “different” and some of her pictures could appear scarier (in reference to  The Two Fridas portrait) so that’s what I did.”  His Frida had snakes coming out of her head.  🙂  There was also a “ghost Frida”.  Originality winners of the day.

I also always purchase Mexican candy to give to kiddos.  Because it takes their mind off any mistakes they may think they are making.  It’s like a child icebreaker.

The pictures were hung next to our mural in the library lobby.  Below are some action shots of our day!  Enjoy!
















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