Ancestry Journey Part 1

Many afternoons I find myself perusing the internet on my smart phone as my littlest child, Aveline falls asleep next to me.  Kudos to smart phones for stay at home parents everywhere and their ability to keep parents connected to the outside world.  Anyhow, recently I filled out some semi-mundane criteria to be a part of a study that analyzes ancestry DNA.  It was partially fueled by my desire to find out my true paternal roots while indirectly participating in a genetic study.  Kinda cool, I think at least. 

So fast forward to a few days ago I received an email that states my new 23andme kit will be arriving in the mail…no more specifics just a veil of potential genetic mystery.  (I had also forgotten I had signed up, see first post about forgetfulness for reference)

I opened up the enthusiastically colored box delivered to me from 23andme and much to my surprise saw that it was specifically for a fertility study I seemingly qualified for.  The study in question is sponsored by two companies…23andme and Celmatix.  Their underlying goal is to find 4500 women aged 18-45 who are trying to conceive or have recently conceived.  The study collects genetic data from that pool of women and longitudinally tracks clinical, environmental, lifestyle, diet-associated and fertility outcome metrics.*  Basically they want me to spit in a tube and collect a variety of data to analyze patterns in fertile women.  Celmatix is a pretty forward thinking company in regards to empowering women in their reproductive health choices both currently and futuristically speaking.  *cue the conspiracy theories*

Once my kit arrived, I like any normal stay at home busy mom took four days to collect my sample.  I wonder if there are any genetic markers for forgetfulness…aside from the depressing debilitating diseases out there.  Also, you’re not allowed to eat or drink 30 minutes prior to spitting into the tube, another hard hurdle with Fannie May Pixies laying around at the start of the week.  Casual eating at best, grazing if you would like to class it up a bit.  Anyhow, day three finally turned to day four and with the help of Sophie running it into he post office it is hopefully on it’s way to the 23andme facility *fingers crossed*.  

A few people claimed it was “difficult” to gather up that much spit on various 23andme reviews etc…but I am apparently a spitty person because it was rather easy to muster up my collection of DNA in a tube.  #firstworldproblems 

Needless to say I am excited to document this DNA journey!  #23andme #celmatix #ancestry #ancestrydna #genes

The study itself on the 23andme page is $199 if you are interested in the combination test.  Regular ancestry tests are $99.



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