Aveline Margot

A.  My third born.  She is like a live wire, catapulting through some type of time warp where sleep is not needed.  She is everything that I bragged about my first two kids never doing wrapped up in a baby/newly minted toddler enigma.  I start to wonder if taking her to a sleep specialist is not out of the question.  This is the child who will spill paint all over a white carpet, go rogue diaperless throughout the house, shave her head accidentally, scream like a banshee…

“Becareful what you wish for,” should come as a general disclaimer for her 🙂

Not much can be said about her in totality because she is just 15 months old.  She does love to smile and wave at people.  Funnily enough she will shoot a dirty look at other misbehaving children.  She doesn’t fear strangers as much as the first two children in this family.  I wonder if it is because there are just more of us here now.  

A loves flipping through board books and assembling puzzles, something I never experienced as a parent before.  I will parentally pat us on the back for that one.  We love her and will keep her for a lifetime.


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